Price Per Head Service

If you are a local bookmaker for sporting events or looking into starting one up, you should be familiar with the concept of using a ‘pay per head’ service as a vital part of running your business. They offer access to a myriad of services that go into properly keeping track of every aspect of the bookmaking process broken down into a simple cost per head for the number of customers that you serve. The best part about this service is that it is a fixed cost that remains the same no matter how big or small your overall client base may be. However, most pay per head shops offer agents a discount if they have several hundred players. Typical Price Per Head Report

Just like anything in business, not all price per head services are alike. Since this industry has grown over the past decade or so right along with the explosive growth of the entire online sports wagering industry as a whole, it is extremely important to understand what factors are vital to the successful operation of your business. It is also extremely important that you find a reputable pph company company that can deliver all the requirements that meet your particular business needs.

The most important aspect of any price per head shop is reliability. You are trusting this company with not only your reputation in the industry but more importantly your customer’s money. This is not the kind of service where you shop for the lowest price as that becomes negligible as compared to the ability to properly manage everything that goes into to processing wagers and maintaining accounts. There are always going to be fly-by-night companies out that there that promise the world in what they can deliver, but fall way short when it is time to produce the promised results. The bottom line on this is to do your homework to find the best pph service not the cheapest.

Another important aspect to choosing a pay per head company is its commitment to consistently upgrading its technology. In the sports wagering and pay per head industry, a bookmaker is only as good as the sportsbook software it utilizes to run its business. Years ago, a phone and pencil were the only two things a bookie needed to take a bet, but in today’s technologically driven society, current systems easily become outdated with every passing year. Today’s sports gamblers are tend to be as sophisticated as the mobile devices they use to place their bets. They want access to real time statistics and betting trends as well as instant updates to their past performance and current account balances. We live in an on-demand society that has adopted an “I want it now” mentality, so any per head shop you decide to use has to be able to keep up with these demands.

One of the basic services that any reputable PPH company should provide is access to a 24-hour call center to handle any of your customers immediate needs. At a minimum, it should provide a toll-free number with a live person on the other end to handle any requests. The better companies in this industry have raised the bar in customer service to include access to customer service representatives through online communication such as email and instant chat.

As the online sports betting industry continues to evolve with ever changing technology, people’s attitudes towards what they expect in terms of state-of-the-art customer service is changing as well. A basic computer is almost becoming a thing of the past with the growth in popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices. These are designed to provide instant access to the internet whenever and wherever some needs to place a wager, check an account balance, or arrange for a deposit, transfer or withdrawal. If your per head company does not have the capability to handle any and all possible transaction requests on a 24-7 basis, you will lose business. Always remember that any service that you employ is a direct reflection of your competency as their local bookmaker. You have to create that personal edge to compete against all the other wagering options that exist out there, so you cannot afford to utilize a price per head outfit that is not on the forefront of every latest advance that results in first-rate customer service.