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Starting up a Bookmaking Business using a Price per Head Service

Wagering on sporting events is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow in size year after year. There are a multitude of online sportsbooks that garner most of the action from the betting public; however there is still a tremendous opportunity to start a localized bookmaking business that strictly caters to the needs of a smaller number of customers looking for the personalized service that the large online books simply cannot provide.

While starting a new business from scratch in any industry is always filled with challenges, if you start out on the right foot behind a solid business plan, your chances at achieving success will dramatically increase. The same thing can be said when it comes to bookmaking. Maybe you are already booking a few weekly bets for friends and acquaintances or acting as a runner for an existing bookmaking business, but whatever the case may be, if you have any plans for getting serious about expanding things into a full-time venture you will need the right tools to succeed.

The most important tool needed to start or expand a bookmaking business is the use of a Pay per Head sportsbook. This service will not help you find customers, however it is instrumental in helping you properly service the ones you already have. Simply put, a pay per head service charges you a flat rate on a per customer basis to handle all the administrative tasks that go into placing wagers, handling deposits and withdrawals, tracking current lines for sporting events and providing easy access to online reports that summarize every aspect of your customers wagering activity including the ability to provide valuable feedback on their overall performance.

It would be next to impossible and completely cost prohibitive to try and handle all of these tasks on your own. Using a PPH service also frees-up your time to attend to the real life blood of a bookmaking business; expanding your customer base. Your main goal is to provide your current customers and future prospects that all-important ‘point of difference’ that keeps them loyal to the individual services you can provide. The great thing about aligning your business with a top-notch PPH service is all the added features and benefits it can provide.

Not only do they offer a first-rate customer call center to handle all of your customer’s questions and concerns, they offer access to state-of-the-art gambling software and technology that can handle everything from a basic straight-up bet to live in-play wagering on sporting events all over the globe. You can even expand your offerings into world-wide horse racing, casino games, online poker rooms and everything else that those large, impersonal online sportsbooks have on their sites.

The key to properly utilizing a price per head service to start and grow your bookmaking business is to become completely educated and informed on everything they have to offer. Wagering on sports has become a very sophisticated process so it is vital that you align yourself with a service that is completely dedicated to staying way ahead of the curve through continued investment in both their customer service personnel and operating systems. You need to become familiar with the policies and procedures of a company’s call center in case you have to intervene on behalf of one of your customers. You have to know what services your particular PPH plan entails and whether or not it makes sense to raise you pay per head rate to include additional services that make the most sense for your particular operation.

In business, everyone needs solid partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Bookmaking is no different as your PPH service should undoubtedly be your most important partner to not only achieving short-term success, but to lay the groundwork for a long and profitable relationship for years and years to come.

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