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Call Center In a Price Per Head Company

Pay per Head Services- the Call Center

If you are in the bookmaking business than you are most likely familiar with the whole concept of using a ‘price per head’ service to handle a good portion of the administrative side of your business. In today’s environment of high tech mobile devices, your customers are looking for instant access to the most up-to-date information when it comes to betting lines, game results and their overall performance when it comes to their wagers, which are next to impossible to provide on your own.

The top price per head companies in the bookmaking business have made huge financial commitments when it comes to staying ahead of the curve in terms of the latest advances in industry software and technological upgrades, but the most important aspect of the service they provide you and your customers still wraps around their commitment to providing a state of the art call center that is manned on a round-the-clock basis with customer service reps that are more than capable of handling any issue that may arise.

No matter how sophisticated any price per head company becomes through the use of electronic technology to run their business, there are going to be times when either yourself or one of your customers is going to need another human being to resolve an issue. The bookmaking business constantly handles the transfer of funds from one source to another so the emotional level is always going to be high when it comes to your customers’ bankroll. They have to feel secure that any outside service that you decide to employ to run your business can also handle theirs.

The more prominent pay per head companies in the industry will pride themselves on having a responsive call center that is staffed by people that are extremely familiar with the bookmaking business, Often times they will make this the cornerstone of their entire sales pitch to earn your business and in reality that should be the case. They fully understand that if your customers are happy, then you will also be happy with the service they provide. After all, that is the entire basis of why they exist in the first place; to effectively handle the issues that you do not have the time or material resources to handle on your own.

The first essential attribute of a first-class call center is 24/7 availability 365 days a year. There is nothing worse for your business than if one of your customers is left hanging when it comes to his account. Many times issues can be resolved through an email, chat line or quick text, but for the times when they cannot, a live person on the other end of a phone line is crucial.

The other essential attribute of a call center is an educated staff. They not only need to be educated and trained in the bookmaking business in general, but in the specific policies and procedures of their own company. We have all experienced times when we have had to contact a company’s call center for one reason or another only to run into a situation where one representative might tell us one thing while another representative relays a completely different message. Nobody enjoys battling their way up the ranks of a call center to get an acceptable resolution to a problem or concern. You should always take the time to become familiar with the workings of your pay per head company’s call center, since they basically work for you. Never take it for granted that everything on their end is always up to snuff and that no internal problems exist. A call center that can be accurately described as an effective, well-oiled machine is hopefully the case the majority of the time, but anytime the human element is brought into the equation, the chance that mistakes will be made increase dramatically. In your role as the bookmaker, you need to constantly act as a liaison between your customers and your pay per head call center to ensure there are no outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved.


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