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Importance Of Customizing Your Own Lines

The level of sophistication with today’s online sports bettor continues to grow right along with the latest advances in gaming technology and software. What used to be a pen and paper business of booking sports wagers is now a billion dollar industry that is fueled by instant access to the Internet.

The Pay Per Head industry has become a vital part of an independent bookmakers’ business by handling the majority of the administrative tasks that go into recording bets, handling transactions and performing many of the other various aspects related to the customer service that their clients rely upon on a daily basis. As a bookmaker, you depend heavily on your PPH service to help grow your business by being at the top of their game in terms state of the art technology that rivals any of the big offshore books that are out there.

One of the most important services that a PPH company should be able to offer is the ability to offer customized betting lines that best suit an individual bookmaker’s needs. In today’s fast-paced environment a bookmaking agent needs to have the ability to quickly control their betting odds at a moment’s notice by simply logging into their account to make any necessary changes or adjustments. Time is money, especially when it comes to wagering on sports, and things can get costly in a short amount of time if your PPH company cannot support this all-important feature as a routine part of its service package.

Customized lines are extremely important for a number of reasons. One at the top of most bookmaking agent’s list is the ability to control a particular sporting event or entire sport by closing down a line until you feel comfortable with the odds and the action it may bring in. It does not take long for things to get out of balance if you are sitting on a couple of bad lines.

Another aspect of customized lines is diversification. You can be as elaborate as you want to be by offering quarter and half betting lines and totals, moneylines, props, futures and even live betting lines. There no reason that an independent agent cannot compete with the big sportsbooks as long as they can match anything and everything those big books currently offer. An agent can use this as a unique selling point for his service to grow their overall account base. You never want to give your customer a reason to look elsewhere for some action, so it is very important to have the ability to tailor your service to their wagering needs. Working hand-in-hand with your PPH company, this should be able to be easily accomplished by simply logging into your account to provide an increased selection of betting options for any sporting event.

Automatic line moves are also an important part of customization. It becomes increasingly hard for a bookmaker to stay on top of every betting line for every event given the magnitude of sports that people currently wager on. A top PPH service will make adjustments to your lines if their internal linesman just so happen to change a number a half point one way or the other. You are still able to override these changes to suit your own needs, but this way you do not have to be stuck behind a computer screen all day tracking movements.

The bottom line is that nobody knows your customer base better than you do. Your PPH service needs to have the flexibility to adapt to your immediate needs as opposed to offering the same blanket program for all their agents. Customized lines fall squarely into the category of specialization and it has proven itself to be one of the most important tools needed to effectively run your bookmaking business. This should be a top priority for anyone who is serious about creating a steady and long-term return on investment from their bookmaking service.

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