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Managing Your Own Sportsbook with Pay Per Head

When it comes to being an independent sports bookmaker, many agents simply look at their Pay Per Head provider as a service that processes all the various online transactions that are a big part of the day-to-day operational end of the business.

While that is true to a certain extent, a quality price per head provider can play a major role in helping you actually run and manage your own sportsbook if you take full advantage of everything they have to offer in terms of advanced sportsbook software solutions.

The top Pay Per Head sites in the Internet sports betting industry today have all gone to great lengths to try and level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. They can greatly enhance your business’s online presence through state-of-the-art software and in many cases a customized website to meet your individual needs. Taking a professional approach to marketing your bookmaking services online is the best way to try and grow your overall customer base while building bottom-line profit both in the short team and over the long haul.

Aligning your bookmaking business with a top price per head service also gives you instant credibility with both your existing betting customers as well as potential prospects given their ability to provide betting lines and odds that would rival even the biggest online sportsbooks in the game today. Having all the lines you need at your disposal allows you to create that all-important point of difference through a high level of personal service that simply cannot be matched by these large faceless sportsbooks.

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Sports betting software can be very complex in its design, but for the most part it has been built to be easy to navigate for both you as the agent and for your customer base as a whole. Simplicity can be a strong selling point when it comes to attracting new players and you can also add in the fact that this software has a very high level of built-in security measures that ensure that every transaction is processed in a safe and secure online environment.

When it comes to managing the day-to-day aspect of your private bookie operation, your Pay Per Head software has the capability to provide you with any number of business reports that track every aspect of your customer’s betting activity. You can easily monitor the action coming in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can also create individual account profiles complete with any credit and betting limits you would like to put in place. The ability to get an instant snapshot of what is actually going on across your entire customer base is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting your bottom line.

Another major asset your price per head service can bring to the table when it comes to managing your bookmaking business is the addition of a quality customer service team. Having the peace of mind that every one of your betting customers is in good hands when it comes to handling their accounts is another benefit that easily justifies the weekly price per head fee you pay for your active players. This also helps to free up your time so you can go about the business of marketing your service to new customers as opposed to constantly having to put out fires with your current ones.

If you are not using your Pay Per Head service to its fullest extent, you are probably leaving quite a bit on money on the table. The top PPH providers are more than willing to help you in any way they can since they fully understand that their long-term financial success is directly tied to yours.


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