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Pay Per Head and Mobile Betting Platforms

Pay Per Head Mobile bettingState of the art technology and continuous upgrades in gaming software continue to drive sports betting industry so as a bookmaker it is imperative that you continue to stay ahead of the curve to provide your customer base with everything that the big offshore sportsbooks can provide.
The easiest way to do this is to align yourself with a “pay per head” service that is also at the forefront of the latest and greatest when it comes to wagering on the games. One of the biggest changes over the past few years has been a heavy reliance on mobile devises to not only place bets, but to manage an entire account, so that is a good starting spot when it comes to evaluating how your PPH company stacks up against its competition.

The mobile industry has exploded since 2012 with a staggering growth rate of 38.5 percent that is expected to continue right through 2016. As the price of Smartphones continues to drop, more and more end users are entering this market for the first time. This has led to double-digit increases in the amount of devices that are sold each year. By the end of 2015, industry experts suggest that there will be close to 1,050 million Smartphones in existence.

Many of your customers are already part of this rapidly expanding market and most are constantly looking for ways to fully utilize their mobile device’s capabilities. One of those areas is placing sports wagers through a mobile betting interface. If your PPH company is not up to speed with this type of technology, it will end-up costing you money in the long run.

Not only do your customers want to place bets with their mobile device, they will also want to use it to check their account, run reports on their performance and complete many of the other transactions that take place on a weekly or even daily basis. Your PPH company’s mobile betting platform also needs to be compatible with any of the mobile devices on the market including the most popular ones that utilize Windows, Apple and Android. This has pretty much become an industry standard over the past few years, so chances are that if you are already aligned with one of the top PPH services out there you are good to go.

One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile betting platform is instant access to every sporting event that is currently on the board. It is a known fact that more and more people today are not working in a traditional office environment, so many transactions have to be conducted on the go. Today’s sophisticated player is extremely adapt at running and managing his account with mobile device that fits into the palm of their hand. Even the use of a laptop is starting to become outdated as people want to have the capability of running their entire life with a Smartphone or some other sophisticated mobile device. There is no turning back from this phenomenon as evidence from the growth rate we already covered for this industry.

Your point of difference as an independent bookmaker as opposed to the huge offshore shops that exist in this industry is the level of personal service you can provide for your customer base. To successfully capitalize on this edge, your PPH service needs to have all the same bells and whistles that you can use to your advantage as selling points for your services. If catering to this surge of mobile devices through the use of a state of the art mobile betting platform is not at the top of your PPH company’s list, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity to build and grow your business into an extremely profitable venture.

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